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Golden Shiner

April 13, 2019

Golden shiners prefer clean, clear water with an abundance of aquatic vegetation. They are most common in slow moving streams, permanent wetlands, and natural lakes. They usually eat plant matter, insects, snails, and crustaceans.

Rainbow Trout

January 15, 2019

Rainbow Trout are often stocked Spring or Fall for fishing derbies and put and take fishing. Rarely do they live in water that reaches 72 degrees or warmer.  They feed on insects, minnows, and fish food. Hatchery raised Rainbows are great for enhanced fishing opportunities. Available by order.

White Channel Catfish

March 31, 2017

White Channel Catfish, also known as Gold Channel Catfish, have white skin and blue eyes. White Channel Catfish grow to 20 inches or larger in ponds. These fish are omnivores, meaning they eat both animal protein and vegetation. These catfish are compatible with all pond fish.

Fancy Goldfish

March 9, 2017

Fancy goldfish are available in countless shapes and forms, but the different varieties have a few things in common. They are rounder than common goldfish and have double tails, that are usually long and flowing. Fancies come in all colors and patterns

Gambusia (Mosquito Fish)

March 9, 2017

Mosquito Fish, Gambusia affinis, may be used as natural biological control agent in successfully controlling mosquito larval populations. They gorge themselves on the larvae. They are able to live in very shallow water where other species of fish would not.


March 9, 2017

Living jewels. Very colorful: orange, blue, yellow, gold, red, white, black. Primarily vegetarians. These fish will turn into your favorite pond pets.

Triploid White Amur

March 9, 2017

White Amur (grass carp) are members of the minnow family. White Amur are of primary interest in the U.S. to control aquatic vegetation, especially where it is desirable to avoid the use of chemical herbicides. Leafy, rooted aquatic plants, such as pondweed and coontail, are the preferred food of the white amur. Lacking these, they …


March 9, 2017

Fathead Minnows

March 9, 2017

Provides a forage fish to supplement predator growth. May reproduce-but is normally restocked semi-annually to boost predator growth.

Hybrid Bluegill

March 9, 2017

Description: Cross between male bluegill and female green sunfish, produces hybrid vigor, quicker growth, lower reproductivity, very aggressive.

Smallmouth Bass

March 9, 2017

Description: The smallmouth bass derives its name from the fact that the rear end of the lower jaw does not extend past the eye, while that of a largemouth does. The smallmouth bass is one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish in North America. Carnivorous, its diet comprises of crayfish, tadpoles, insects, and smaller fish. …

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