Fountain Installation

Providing Fountain Installation Services to Ohio, Indiana, & Michigan

Fountain aerators are not only beautiful, but also functional. Allow our team assess your pond in order to select and install the best fountain for your needs. We also offer light kit upgrades.

Our Fountain Installation services include:

Assess Pond & Provide Fountain Recommendations

Install Fountains

Service Fountains

We’ve been installing fountain aeration systems for years in Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southern Michigan. Call us at (419) 267-3612 for a free quote.

Click here to learn more about why aeration in your pond is so important.

About Kasco Fountain Aerators

Kasco Marine knows the relationship between quality, dependability, and energy efficiency. That’s why Kasco has aerators in use all over the world. Today’s Kasco aerators are the result of years of experience in the design and manufacture of superior water agitation equipment. Kasco is committed to quality – designed and built in America.


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