Dear Fin Farm LLC, I am sure my fish could not have survived this winter had it not been for my windmill. The picture was taken the week before Christmas, that was the last time I saw it completely free of ice. Since then I have had one partial melt around the edges which lasted for a couple of days but it has also been cold enough to freeze it over completely.

Even then, you could still see where the windmill was working, aerating the water under the ice. Today, after two days of unseasonably warm weather, we are back in the deep freeze… but my windmill just keeps working (notice the open water near the center of the pond!)… churning in fresh air deep under water. As I was riding my Harley around Valley City last summer, I could not help but notice the number of windmills appearing recently by ponds large and small.

I cannot imagine anyone in Ohio who has a stocked pond ever being without such a device again. I know I will never be. It pays for itself with every restocking it saves! Thanks again for helping me acquire such an essential and functional product. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to assemble and set it up myself. What a great environmental statement! Dave C.

I have fished on two continents; in three countries; two providences; and 16 states and yet, thanks to Bob and the folks at the FINN FARM, the best fishing I have ever had is 35 feet out my backdoor. – Dick Altman, Hicksville, Ohio