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Call Fin Farm at (419) 267-3612 for expert advice on the best windmill for your pond and for a free installation quote. We also repair existing windmills. Servicing Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southern Michigan.

About Windmill Aerators

Let Mother Nature help aerate, circulate, and destratisfy your pond. Our windmill is an ideal way to supplement oxygen levels and improve overall health of a pond. Ideal for locations needing aeration without electricity nearby. Windmills can be located hundreds of feet from the pond’s edge, if necessary, to catch more wind.

Made from Heavy-duty galvanized steel that will last for many years. Only requires 5 mph of wind to operate, slows itself at 28 mph, 64″ diameter head of 12 blades. Pumps 3.5 CFM air flow. No annual maintenance except diaphragm replacement as needed (usually 5 years.)

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Windmills we Sell & Install

Three-Leg Windmill

Available heights: 12FT, 16FT, 20FT, 24FT

Four-Leg Windmill

The 4 Legged Windmill includes all necessary accessories for ponds up to 2 or even 3 acres in size. Available heights: 20FT, 24FT