Aerator Installation

We specialize in aerator assembly, installation, and repair.

Our team at Fin Farm will assess your pond in order to select and install the best aeration system.

We specialize in installing all types of aeration systems in Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southern Michigan. Call us at (419) 267-3612 for a free quote.

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Aerators that we Sell & Install:

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Shallow Water Aerators

For ponds 7′ deep or less linear powered aeration systems are a great choice!

Mid Depth Aerators

For ponds up to 20′ deep or less rotary vane pumps are reliable long lasting pumps. These rotary vane air compressor kits pump considerably more air than linear ornamental pumps. Rotary vane pumps do not operate as deep as the diaphragm and piston pumps

Deep Water Pond Aerators

For deep water ponds, greater than 20′, rocking pistion pumps provide the high pressure needed for deep water aerators.

Windmill Aerators

Let Mother Nature help aerate, circulate, and destratisfy your pond. Our windmill is an ideal way to supplement oxygen levels and improve overall health of a pond; ideal for locations without electricity nearby.

Kasco Fountain Aerators

These fountains pull water in and dispense it as a beautiful “V-shaped” fountain pattern while aerating your body of water. This is a great choice for beauty and function.

Bubblemaster Aerators

Through years of field work, we are able to offer the best bottom bubbler aerator on the market. Benefits include low maintenance and no annual removal or reinstallation.

Solar Aerators

No power? No problem. Our solar pond aeration systems can aerate even the deepest ponds to make sure your pond ecosystem is healthy and functional. Our solar aeration systems are the gold-standard in the industry, known for long life and ease-of-use. Our compressors are designed for high output in high-pressure situations, like very deep ponds.

Rubber Membrane Diffuser

The high oxygen transfer combined with self cleaning action make this diffuser ideal for intermittent or continuous aeration. The advanced design prevents clogging and provides uniform size bubbles that rise, replenishing oxygen. Benefits include: built in check valve, long range durability, self cleaning action, and easy installation.