Stocking Recommendations

Fishing Only Fish & Swim Swim Only
100 Yellow Perch 100 Yellow Perch ——
50 Hybrid Stripers 50 Hybrid Stripers ——
150 Largemouth Bass 150 Largemouth Bass 100 Largemouth Bass
250 Hybrid Gill —— ——
150 Bluegill 250 Bluegill ——
250 Red Ear Sunfish 250 Red Ear Sunfish ——
100 Black Crappie 100 Black Crappie ——
50 Channel Catfish 50 Channel Catfish 25 Channel Catfish
20 lbs. Fathead Minnows 20 lbs. Fathead Minnows 20 lbs. Fathead Minnows
10 White Amur 10 White Amur 10 White Amur
15 lbs. Golden Shiner 15 lbs. Golden Shiner 15 lbs. Golden Shiner
100 Tadpole 100 Tadpole 100 Tadpole

Pond Stocking Calculator


We sell only triploid white Amur – 100% sterile fish. These are the only legal Amur in Ohio. If your state does not allow them, we can’t sell them to you.

Stocking rates are determined by the type and amount of vegetation in your pond. Normal stockings vary from 10-30 per acre. As Amur grow and age, their diet preferences change, therefore it is important to restock with young Amur every 5 to 6 years.


All ponds and watersheds are different. Soil types, fertility, age, and water sources all play important roles in the quality of your pond. Use natural techniques to control vegetation as much as possible. Aeration, physical removal by raking and netting leaves and stocking white Amur and Koi will keep your pond clean.

The Bass, Bluegill, Catfish combination is ideally suited for ponds. Bass provide excellent catch and release fishing. Bluegill provide fillets for the frying pan and also provide forage for the bass. Catfish also provide excellent sport fishing as well as good eating. By releasing most of the bass caught, your pond will not become overrun with bluegill.

Amur and Koi provide vegetation control – while it is rare to catch them on hook and line, it may happen. If so, immediately release them back into your pond.

These stocking recommendations are a reflection of what a properly managed pond is capable of growing. A bottom bubbler aerator such as a Bubblemaster will increase the amount of fish that your pond will grow. Without aeration, a body of water will produce about 100 pounds of fish per acre yearly. With aeration, the same body of water can produce about 1000 pounds of fish per acre yearly. Often there is not enough natural food available in a pond for the fish to reach their full potential growth.

We recommend that you enhance their diet by feeding a quality fish food. This will normally multiply the fish’s annual growth rate. We handle and sell to you the same fish food that we use to grow the fish in our ponds. Just like any other animal feed, there are different types of fish food available. We can help you select the proper feed for your fish.

Having a recreational pond ourselves we found that some species of fish are less desirable to have under certain conditions. We developed the following stocking recommendations based on our experience with managing our ponds. These recommendations take into consideration the fact that some species of fish may be more or less aggressive than others. For example, swimmers do not like fish that bite while anglers do. We can help you decide which species of fish are the right choice for your pond.