Purebred Bluegill

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Spawning: Peak spawning in Ohio occurs in mid-May to mid-June, when water temperatures are 65-70 degrees. Nests are usually in water 1-4 feet deep on sand or gravel bottom, or on other bottom substrates, even in heavily vegetated area.

Food: Insects, insect larvae, small fish, fish eggs, and plant materials.

Adult Size: Normally 8-10 inches, depending on habitat and population.

Identification: A deep slab-sided fish with a small mouth and a long pectoral fin. Colors vary, however the ear flap is always black and bluegills often have a black blotch near the end of the soft dorsal fin.


2 inch $.65
4-5 inches$2.50

To order fish, please call or email the Fin Farm. Fish sizes, prices and availability are subject to change.

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