Triploid White Amur

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White Amur (grass carp) are members of the minnow family. White Amur are of primary interest in the U.S. to control aquatic vegetation, especially where it is desirable to avoid the use of chemical herbicides. Leafy, rooted aquatic plants, such as pondweed and coontail, are the preferred food of the white amur. Lacking these, they will consume floating duckweed, green algae, and even cattails.

To accommodate an increasing demand for white amur, yet to avoid the possibility of them becoming established in systems where they are not wanted, a sterile triploid form was developed. This triploid form differs from the natural diploid form in having an extra set of chromosomes in each cell. Although this condition prevents them from reproducing, it does not otherwise affect their vitality. Thus, many states have legalized the sale and use of triploid white amur for vegetation control, while prohibiting the sale or use of diploid white amur. We normally sell 9-12″ amur. Currently in Stock


1-9 fish (9-12")$16.50
100 +$12.50

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