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Weedtrine – D


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Weedtrine-D – A liquid herbicide that effectively controls a broad range of underwater, floating and emergent aquatic weeds. Kills quickly on contact. Ideal for small area treatments.


Aquatic Herbicide controls submersed, floating and emergent weeds including duckweed. A surfactant is necessary when using this product with any weed on or above the water surface. Water use is restricted for irrigation, drinking (animal or human) and swimming, see label for details. Active ingredient is 8.53% diquat dibromide. Application rate for submersed weeds is 5 – 10 gallons per surface acre of vegetation. Product must be diluted prior to use. Product size is one gallon.

Download the Weedtrine®-D specimen label

Fast acting, broad range weed control

  • Broad range herbicide that controls duckweed, coontail, elodea, naiad, pondweed and milfoil
  • Applied by common sprayers, use with activator
  • Results often begin to show in as little as three days, five day water restriction
  • Duckweed five to seven gallons per acre, submersed weeds five to ten gallons per acre

Restricted use pesticide in Michigan — a copy of your pesticide applicators license must be presented

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