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Rubber Membrane Diffuser Assembly



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The high oxygen transfer combined with self cleaning action make this diffuser ideal for intermittent or continuous aeration .The advanced design prevents clogging and provides uniform size bubbles that rise, replenishing oxygen. Benefits include: built in check valve, long range durability, self cleaning action, and easy installation. We offer these units in a 10’³ size. We developed the self weighted assembly which makes installation very simple.

The attached substrate disc reduces the amount of muck and debris that could be stirred up. We recommend the use of the 10 ‘ size due to its design and low failure rate. If you use a larger pump or are looking for more aeration, multiple diffusers are the best option. These diffusers are commonly used in waste water treatment and are built to handle tough aeration jobs. We have sold thousand of these diffusers and have not had a failure! Some units have been in use for over 10 years.

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