Windmill Pricing Calculator

A pond bubbler or aerator is the single largest investment you can make in keeping your pond healthy. Fin Farm provides 3 main types of aeration products.  An A/C bubble which connects to 110v electricity is the least expensive option to install but over the years the added cost of electricity can compound and cost more over the long run, especially if you have large ponds that require larger or multiple pumps.

Alternative energy options such as Solar Aerators use the sun’s energy to power A/C pumps and require very little in maintenance and maintaining a low profile.

The ever popular windmill uses wind to drive a piston that pumps air to a diffuser in your pond. This method uses zero electricity but has added initial investment and occasional upkeep and replacement costs. Most owners find a windmill an attractive addition to a property. Noise and the visual appearance can a distraction for some people.

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