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Description: Tilapia can be used for vegetation control. Algae is a preferred food. They are a fish native to the warm waters of Africa. They have been used for many years in the Southern United States for vegetation control and as a forage base for the production of Largemouth Bass. Because they are temperature selective, and die in cold water, it is best to stock them outdoors at water temperatures in the upper 60’s. In NW Ohio that is usually in late May. We sell a cold water strain of Tilapia. We raise them indoors.

They feed on vegetation and prefer to eat algae! Tilapia are a warm water fish that thrive in our ponds during the summer months. We raise them in our heated indoor facility. They work great for algae control. Stock in late May to early June for best results. SOLD OUT for 2023

Adult Size: Up to 20 inches.


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