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Toledo Blade Articles

Toledo Blade: Ponds draped in heavy snow create potential for fish kills

February 3, 2014

This Article was original published in the Toledo Blade MALINTA, Ohio — It is dark under that heavy blanket of snow covering area ponds, and in the absence of light, death can be lurking. Over a relatively short period of time, the layer of snow can rob the plant life in the pond of vital …

Toledo Blade: Fin Farm is a very fishy operation

May 26, 2013

This Article was originally published in the Toledo Blade RIDGEVILLE CORNERS, Ohio — It takes much more than water and feed to raise healthy fish. And if you are going to raise millions of them, there had better be a lot of sound science behind the operation too. At the Fin Farm on the edge …

Toledo Blade: Fish niche a growth target

June 12, 2011

This article was original published in the Toledo Blade It’s not personal, but when ducks and geese show up at Remlinger Fish Farm in Kalida, Ohio, co-owner Mark Remlinger uses loud noises to quickly scare them off. As operator of a private fish hatchery — a small but key niche in Ohio’s budding aquaculture industry …

Toledo Blade: Livestock that swim gaining popularity as business in area

June 24, 2007

This article was original posted in the Toledo Blade BOB AND ANN Hesterman’s Fin Farm LLC in northwest Henry County is a rarity. The fish farm near Ridgeville Corners, about 45 miles from Toledo, is among the few in Ohio big enough to require workers outside of the owners’ families. It provides a variety of …

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