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Bo Jo Fishing Light with Chain Hanger


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Bo-Jo Fishlights feed fish exactly what they want… BUGS!

Bo-Jo lights are an economical, ecologically responsible way to control nighttime insects, feed fish, and increase your chances of catching “the big one”… all at the same time!

Compare Bo-Jo lights with the cost of expensive mechanical fish feeders that spread pellet feed. You’ll save hundreds of dollars a year with our lights! It is an ideal, inexpensive way to feed your fish a readily available, protein-rich meal.
Excellent Quality & Performance
GoneFishingSignBo-Jo Fishlights attract bugs and feed bream, crappie, snook, bass, trout, pike, perch and more!

They work well when placed in both salt water and freshwater environments. BoJo lights function nicely on large lakes and exceptionally well on ponds, where managing the feeding and harvesting of fish can have a dramatic effect on the sizes, species and quantity of the fish in your pond.


US FlagBo-Jo lights are built to offer decades of service and are constructed right here in the U.S.A.! Bo-Jo Fishlights are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized metal.

Bo-Jo FishLights are the finest solution for fish attracting, feeding & fishing. Our dependable units have great reputations in fresh & salt water.
We feel that the advantages of a dock mounted light are vastly superior to underwater fishing lights. Our lights are versatile in that you can also change your fishing dock light color from white to green to blue to LED in a matter of seconds!

Bo Jo dock lights are available in both “swing arm” and hanging styles. The hanging light is similar to bugslug and bugomatic lights which are no longer manufactured.

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